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These steps were written using the latest version of ITunes on Windows 7 with Jaws 16.

1. Open iTunes and press Control + the number 1 to place you in the Music view. Next, go to the file menu, and press enter on "New", and press enter on "Playlist".
2. When the new playlist dialogue opens you will be in an edit field to name your playlist, so give it a name, and then tab to the okay button, and press enter.
Note: on my system, I had to do this twice to close the dialogue.
3. Now tab until you hear Jaws say "library sidebar tree-view, library. At this point, you should be able to arrow thru the list to locate the playlist you just created.
4. Once you have located your playlist, press enter, and then tab to "edit playlist button", and press enter.
5. Now tab until you hear Jaws say, "drag songs or items here to add them to this playlist". At this point, you can simply go to where you have your music stored, and copy the songs you want, and paste them here.
6. Tab to the "Done" button, and spacebar it. When that dialogue closes Jaws should say"iTunes", and you should be in a list box, where you can up or down arrow thru the list of songs you just added to your playlist. If the focus is not on the list box, tab or shift tab to place the focus there.
7. Now when you sync your phone to the computer, the playlist will be moved to your phone.
Richard Q Justice

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