Processing Power:

Processing power is one of the most important features to consider when looking at a notebook. The processor is, as it has often been called, the brain of the computer. It is the component that receives instructions and tells your computer what to do. In most cases, you’ll see processor speeds listed in GHz (gigahertz). The higher the GHz rating, the faster the computer will be able to process information. Most computers today have multicore processors, meaning the work given to your computer will be divided up between two or more execution cores, decreasing the load on any one core and making task completion much faster. So how fast should the processor be in your new notebook? As always, the answer depends on your uses. But for general business applications such as word processing, email and Internet, and general entertainment such as listening to music or watching movies, a 1.5GHz to 3GHz dual-core processor will suffice.

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