Instructions for adding a braille embosser in Windows XP.

1. Go to the control panel.

2. Open, Printers and Faxes.

3. Open, Add Printer.

4. Enter on, Next.

5. In the combo box, select, Local Printer.

6. Tab one time and uncheck, Automatically detect my plug and play printer.

7. Tab to, Next.

8. Select the port, most likely LPT1 then tab to next..

9. You should have a list of printers now.  just type a G until you hear, generic.

10. Tab one time and select, Generic Text Only, tab to next.

11. It will ask you if you want to keep the current drivers, so say yes and tab to next.

12. Type in a name for the printer, something like, Braille Embosser, then tab one time.

13. It will ask you if this is the default printer, most likely it will not be, so arrow down to no.  now tab to next.

14. Most likely this will not be shared on the network, so make sure that box is unchecked. Tab to next.

 15. You can print a test page, but not sure how the copy will come out, but you could try it.

16. Press enter on Finish.


Depending on which translation software you will be using with your braille embosser, you will need to configure it to use the generic text only drivers you have installed.


Denny Huff

Gateway For The Blind LLC.


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