Windows Basics

  1. 1Bit,1Byte,1Kilobyte,1MegaByte,1GigaByte,&1Terabyte=

  2. 15 Things Every PC User Should Know

  3. An Extensive List Of File Name Extensions

  4. Configuring The Auto Run Feature For Your Optical Drives

  5. Complete List Of The Windows Logo Keyboard Combinations

  6. Cut Copy and Paste

  7. List of hot keys for Cut Copy and Paste
  8. Disabling Screen Orientation Hotkeys

  9. Explaining The Difference Between Hibernate And Standby

  10. Log Out Quickly

  11. Maximizing A Window

  12. How to create a log file in Notepad

  13. PC Maintenance Instructions Updated 08/19/2008

  14. Put A Website Shortcut On The Start Menu

  15. Recover A Deleted File

  16. Removing Category View

  17. Run Command A Complete List For Windows 7, 8.1, And 10

  18. Safely Remove Hardware Command Line Argument

  19. Securing XP

  20. Instructions for locking down your XP system from going online.
  21. Copying/Moving Contiguous/non-Contiguous Files Or Folders

  22. Setting And Selecting Windows Automatic Updates

  23. Setting Up A Short Cut Hot Key

  24. Instructions On How To Setup A Shut Down And Or Reboot Command works on all versions of Windows

  25. Stopping Email Notification From Showing In The System Tray

  26. Instructions for finding the model number of your computer

  27. Instructions for removing old System Restore points

  28. Short Cut For Deleting Temp Files

  29. Tutorial On Updating Drivers

  30. Using 32 Bit SAPI Voices In A 64 Bit System

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