1. Save the file and give it a name you wish to use.
2. Now open the newly named file in Excel and move to Column A, Row 4, (this is the intersection of the row and column headings and the next step is to inform JAWS of that).
3. Press Insert + V to get into Quick Settings of JAWS for Excel.
4. Press the letter T, and then down arrow to the item that says "Define Name Column and Row Titles Override Off".
5. Press Space Bar a couple of times so the item above is set to "On for the Current File".
6. Now down arrow a few times to the item called: "Column Titles to Row Range". Press Space and you should hear it reflect 4, since you were on row 4.
7. Now down arrow once to the item called: "Row Titles to Column Range". Press Space and you should hear it reflect A, since you were in column A.
8. Tab 3 times now to the OK button and press enter to dismiss the Dialog and you are done.

In the future, anytime you open a spread sheet with the name you gave this one, it will assume that Row 4 has the column headings and Column A has the row headings. If you are moving around in the area below and to the right of that intersecting point, it should read the headings as you navigate to make it easier to understand where you are.

The formulas to keep track of credits and debits are already in place on this so it should work for you as soon as you get the column and row headings to read.

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