Creating Macros



Here is a handy feature in Word that will save you some time.


A macro is a tool that allows you to create text and include any formatting to that text that you will be using on a more than once basis.


For example, you can have a macro to automatically type in your name, address a phone number.You can choose the font style and size, have the text left align or centered, you can have it bolded or underlined, or whatever you want the text to look like.


It is very easy to set up and run, so letís give it a try.


Letís say you want to create a macro for inserting your address in a document.


First do an alt t for tools and then type the letter m for macros.

You should hear, macros, alt f8.

This is the command for running a macro, but we will get to that later.

Press your down arrow one time and you should hear, record new macro.

This is what you want, so press enter.

Now you will hear, macro name.

Type in the name of this macro and in this case we will call it, address.

Press enter.

This will put you back in a document.

Before you begin typing, decide if you want to change the font or if you want the text left aligned or centered or any other changes you want to make to the address you are about to type in.

Begin typing in your name and address using the correct formatting you want.

When you are finished and have it the way you want it, do an alt t for tools and down arrow to, stop recording.

Your macro is now completed and is waiting for you to use it anytime you want to put in your address in a document.

To run this macro, do an alt f8 and most likely the name you gave to the macro, address, will be first in the list.Just press enter on it and there it is, your address in the document just as you set it up.

Of course, you can use a macro to automatically type in text you will be using frequently by following the directions above.

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