The steps below are the best, most in depth, and most thorough way of repairing Jaws according to Freedom Scientific Tech Support.

1. Place a copy of the Jaws executible version that you want to repair into the main root of the " C " drive. For example: If you are running Jaws11 most recent you would paste a copy of " J11.0.1430-32bit.exe " into the main root of the "C" drive. To open the main root of the " C " drive, go to the desktop, press enter on My Computer, press enter on Local disk C, and now you have the main root of the " C " drive open.
2. With the Jaws " .exe " pasted into the "C" drive, highlight the ".exe", and press F2 as if you were going to edit this line of text. now press control + C to copy this Jaws executible, press escape to close the edit field, and press Alt + F4 to close the C drive.

What you want to do is place just the title of the Jaws version into the Windows Run Dialogue box and not the file. If you were to place the Jaws executible into the Run box without copying as you did as per the instructions above you would have pasted the whole file into the Run Box instead of just the title.

3. Now that you have just the title copied to the clipboard, press Windows key + R to open the Run Dialogue Box. Type, remember to type a capital C , "C:\" without the quotes and press control + V to paste the Jaws title, press your end key to take the cursor to the end of the title and type in the following " /type repair" without the quotes but, with the spaces . Below is what your line of text should look / read like.

C:\J11.0.1447-64bit.exe /type repair

Read character by character to make sure you have put in the proper spaces, Forward & back slashes and text. press enter to start the repair.

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