Question:How can I create a hot key that will start JAWS as a service?

Answer:Running JAWS as a service is the same as having Automatically Start JAWS checked in Basics on the JAWS Options menu. There may be times when you want to stop JAWS and then restart it as a service without the necessity of completely restarting your computer. Selecting an existing desktop shortcut createdwhen you installed JAWS does not start the program as a service. To create a Windows hot key that will start JAWS as a service, do the following:

  1. Ensure that the Automatically Start JAWS option is checked in the Basic dialog of the JAWS Options Menu.

  2. Go to the desktop and locate an existing JAWS desktop shortcut.

  3. Press CTRL+C to copy the shortcut icon to the clipboard.

  4. Press CTRL+V to paste the shortcut icon you copied. You will now have two identical shortcuts on the desktop.

  5. Choose one of these identical shortcuts and press F2. An edit control will open and focus will land in it. Give the shortcut a new name by editing the contents of the edit control. For example, if the shortcut name is JAWS 5.10, you might rename it to JAWS Service. Press ENTER to save the shortcut with its new name.

  6. Locate the renamed shortcut and press the Application Key, select Properties, and press ENTER to open the shortcut's properties. Alternatively, you can press ALT+ENTER to do this.

  7. In the field of the properties labeled "Target: type the following, exactly as shown:
    net start jfwservice

  8. Press the TAB key to move to the field labeled "Shortcut key:" and press the key combination you want to use to start JAWS as a service. Be careful not to use a key combination that is assigned to some other function. You might use CTRL+SHIFT+S (as in "Service"), but this is only a suggestion and you can use any combination you want.

  9. Press TAB to move to the OK button and press ENTER to save these changes. You can now use the key combination you chose to restart JAWS as a service without having to restart your computer.

Note: You can only run one version of JAWS as a service and this is the version that is already set to run automatically when you start your computer. If you have more than one version of JAWS on your computer, you will have to start that version and set it to start automatically. The hot key will start the version of JAWS that is set to start automatically, so you will never need to change the shortcut and its keystroke when you install a new version of JAWS or set another version to start automatically.
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