1. Press Insert J to activate the jaws window.
2. Press Enter on Options which is the environment first offered by JAWS.
3. Press V for the Voice and choose all Contexts or specific voices as you choose.
4. Choose the synthesizer you want to use for both the standard reading and Say All options, then move through the settings, creating the profile with your preferred choices.
5. Tab past the Okay button to Save As and press Enter.
6. If Eloquence is your default, the name will appear in the field. Erase it and replace the name with a new Voice Profile title.
7. I use the name of the application for each new profile: Word, Outlook, Excel and so on.
8. Jaws will ask you if you want to change the default. Tab to no and press Enter.
9. If the application you want to use isn't already open, open it now.
10. Use the Control-Insert-S to open the Voice Profiles window.
11. Move the pointer down until you have focused on the new profile you just created.
12. Tab to the dialog which asks you if you want that particular profile as a default when opening the application you are now using.
13. Press Enter on Yes and the jaws window will close.
14. Your focus will be returned to the application window but from now on, every time you open that particular application, the new profile will be used.
15. If you find it necessary to make changes, open the jaws window while the application is running and the changes will apply only to that voice profile and will not affect the default.

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