Go to wherever you want to create the new folder. For purposes of this example, let's say you want it on your C-drive as a first-level folder and are going to call it My New Folder.

1. Open My Computer.
2. Select your C-drive and press ENTER.
3. When Windows Explorer opens, press ALT+F. The New submenu should be highlighted--if it isn't, arrow down until you find it.
4. RIGHT ARROW to open the New submenu.
5. Arrow until you hear "Folder" (it should be the first item in the list after opening the New submenu). Press ENTER.
6. Type the name of the folder (My New Folder or whatever name you want to use) and press ENTER. Note that in the folder name field, Windows defaults the name to New Folder (how original), but that simply beginning to type any new name will erase the default content.

That's it--your new folder has been created. Now, when you want to place files into this folder when downloading, just select your C-drive in the dialog that opens when you tell Windows to save a file. Press TAB until you get to the window where your drives and some other things are listed and highlight your C-drive. Press TAB twice to get to the contents of the C-drive and locate My New Folder and press ENTER. TAB back around to the Save button and press ENTER. From now on, this _should_ remain the default folder for downloaded files until or unless you change it.
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