Here's what you can do when you get the following message in internet explorer.
Security Information This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?
Yes No More Info

If you don't want to hear this message anymore, do the following:
1. While in Internet Explorer, go to, tools, and then options.
2. go to the security tab.
3. the internet zone should be internet.
4. tab to the custom level button, and spacebar it.
5. a tree-view will open, so navigate thru the tree using the down arrow, or simply press the letter M, until you hear, Miscellaneous.
6. Using the down arrow, or with first letter navigation, locate display mixed content.
7. here you have 3 choices, disable, enable, or prompt. Since you are already getting a message, the prompt option is already selected, to change this selection, you will have to choose between enable or disable. At any point, you can hit F1, for more information on each of the options.
8. after making your selection, tab to the okay button, and spacebar it.
9. you will get a message asking if you are sure you want to change your settings, so, answer the dialogue appropriately, and okay your wway out of the dialogues.
10. Close Internet Explorer, and then re-open it to make sure your changes are saved.
11. Now, the above mentioned message will not be heard when opening any web page.

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