Do the following to put a folder with the name of this person you are sharing the folder with in the Dropgbox folder.

1. Open the System Tray using the keystroke, Insert / Jaws key + F11.
2. Arrow down to the Dropbox entry & press enter.
3. Press the letter O, to open the Dropbox folder.
4. Now, we need to create a new folder. Press Alt + F, for the file menu, press the letter W, for folder, & press the letter F, for new folder. You are now in an edit field. Type in the name of the person that you are sharing this folder with & press enter, to close the edit field. You now have a new folder in your Dropbox folder that you will use to share with the other person.
5. While focused on the folder you have just created hit your applications key and arrow to the Drop Box submenu.
6. Right arrow in there and hit enter on share this folder.
7. You will be taken to the Drop Box web page where you enter the email address of the person or persons you want to share your new folder.
8. Hit the space bar on the share folder button and wait for the other person to accept your invitation.

a quick note. If yu do say put a file in the public folder and send the link something strange may happen when someone goes to download it. Some browsers, and this is directly from the drop box help, may just try to open it. If this does occur just either add ?dl=1 at the end of address that is on the clipboard or tell the person to do that before opening it.

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