Here's some steps to burn CD using the burnaware free program. These steps are based on, the burnaware program being the default.

1, navigate to your music folder, then copy the songs/music to your clipboard.
2, now go to desktop, press the letter "b"=burnaware free, and press enter.
3, the burnaware program will open, at this point screen reader access isn't available.
4, press the alt-key, and down arrow, until you hear; Malti media sub-menu, here you can either, right arrow to open, or simply press the enter key.
5, enter on audio CD. Another screen will open.
6, shift+tab once, you will hear; Listview zero items, then paste from clipboard and The tracks will be added.
7, now to start the burn process: You can press, Ctrl+b=burn, or, you could use the menu, By pressing the alt-key, right arrow until you hear; Recorder, Down arrow you will hear; Burn compulation, Ctrl+b. The process will begin.

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