Using CyberLink Power DVD with the Keyboard

When first trying to use Power DVD to watch a DVD on your computer, it will seem that it is not accessible for a person using a screen reader. But in actuality, it is very accessible because it has several built in keyboard keystrokes that you can use to accomplish the same task that a sighted person would using a mouse. Below you will find the complete list of keyboard keystrokes that I am aware of for Power DVD. If I left one out, or there is one that is not correct, please feel free to let me know at

Table with 2 columns and 24 rows

Function Keystroke
Play Enter
Pause Space Bar
Stop S
Next N
Previous P
Volume UP Plus Sign
Volume down Minus Sign
Mute Q
Step Backward Ctrl+Alt+B
Step Forward Ctrl+Alt+T
Eject Ctrl+E
Zoom Z
Disk Mode O
Next Audio Stream H
Karaoke K
Capture Frame C
Go up R
Menu L
Repeat Ctrl+R
Configuration Screen Ctrl+C
Next Angle A
Next Subtitle U
Help F1
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