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Question: How do I adjust Winamp's volume without also changing the volume of JAWS speech?

Answer: To change Winamp's volume independently of your JAWS speech volume, do the following:

1. Press CTRL+P to open your Winamp preferences.
2. In the tree view of plug-ins, select "Output."
3. Press the TAB key until you move to the list of Output plug-ins.
4. Select the "Wave Out" plug-in. If you have the SQR crossfading plug-in, make sure it is version 1.75.
5. Choose Configure.
6. Set the output device to your system's sound card.
7. Select the Alt Volume Setting check box.
8. Choose OK, then choose Close.

Now, when you adjust the volume of Winamp content, the volume of JAWS speech does not change.

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