Here are some long winded steps on how to use the Free YouTube converter to convert YouTube links into songs that can be saved in your library. These steps sound long and tedious, but after doing it a couple of times you will get the hang of it.

1. Copy and paste the link you want to convert to the clipboard.
2. Go to your desktop and press enter on the FreeYouTubeToMP3Converter.exe.
3. With the converter open, tab 1 time and Jaws will say "paste button". Press your spacebar and the link you had pasted to your clipboard earlier will be pasted into the converter.
4. Tab 1 more time and Jaws will read " Output Folder". Pay attention to this because this is where you will find the link after it is finished being converted.
5. Tab 1 more time to " Browse ". Here you can browse to have the converted links place into a different folder when they are finished.
6. The next tab brings you to "Output Name". Don't worry about this. The finished converted download will usually put the name of the song in for you.
7. Tab 1 more time and you are on "Presets combobox". Here you will arrow up or down to choose what format you want the link converted into. You can convert the link into different formats to see which 1 sounds the best to you. I will explain how to do this later.
8. Tab 1 more time and you are on "Options". You can press the spacebar on this to look and see what is in here to get more familiar with the program.
9. Tab 1 more time and this is the "Convert Button". Press the spacebar and the conversion will start. The link will be converted into what ever format you had selected in the Presets Combobox.
10. Jaws will tell you the percentages as the file is being converted. When it is finished you will hear "Information Okay button". Press the spacebar. Then you will Hear "Button okay" and you will spacebar on this to finish.

If you would like to convert this link to a different format to compare the way the different formats will sound do the following.

When the first link finished being converted and you pressed the spacebar the last 2 times you will again hear "Convert Button". Press shift + tab 2 times and you will land back on the "Presets combobox". Arrow up or down to select a different format, tab to convert, press the spacebar and the new conversion will start. When it is finished and you want to try another format press shift + Tab 2 times to go back to the Presets combobox, choose a different format, tab to convert and press the spacebar. I think you have got the hang of it now.

If you are using XP and you want to find your newly converted songs and you had them saved in the default location. Go to My Documents, the DVDVideoSoft folder, press enter, find the FreeYouTubeToMP3Converter folder and press enter. Here is where your songs should be.

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