Downloading ACB Radio Programs.

Here is the way I get the mp3 files downloaded to my hard drive, so I don't have to listen to the streaming audio. If anyone knows a quicker way, please let me know.

1. Go to the ACBRadio site, and locate the on-demand program you are interested in.
2. Hit enter on the link for that program, and, if you have an audio program set to play streaming audio, the program should start to play in that player.
3. Pause the file if it begins to play, so you can hear Jaws.
4. Alt tab back to the web page, and make sure that link is still selected, and then hit the applications key, and select save target as, from the resulting menu.
5. This should open a file download dialogue so you can select where to save the file. The file you are downloading is an m3u, which is simply a playlist.
6. Once the file has downloaded, you can close the browser, and audio player.
7. Now go to the location where you saved the file, and select it, and then hit the applications key, and select, open with from the resulting menu.
8. This will give you a dialogue from which you can select a program to open this file. Choose Notepad from the list, and then tab to the okay button, and hit enter.
9. Once the file opens in Notepad, you can arrow down the list of url's contained in this file. What you are looking at, are the individual files that make up the entire program for that program date. Make sure that Notepad is maximized, so that when you copy one of these addressess, the entire address is copied.
10. These files are listed in order of how the program is heard, so for instance, the first file in the list, is the program introduction.
11. Select a file, and then make sure you are at the beginning of the line, and then copy that line to the clipboard.
12. Open Internet Explorer, and then hit, Control + O, to open the address bar. Now paste the url that you copied to the address bar, and hit enter.
13. You should get a file download dialogue, so just treat it as you would any other download. This time, you are downloading the actual mp3 file that you would hear if you were streaming the audio from the website. Now you have the file on your hard drive, and you can listen to it at your leisure without going on the internet.
14. Note: If you want the entire program, you will have to download all of the files found in the m3u file. This is where a download manager comes in handy, because you can cue up all of the url's, and the manager will take care of them automatically. Otherwise, you can just download only the ones of particular interest to you.

This is just a back door to files that are not available for direct download.

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