Creating a playlist in Windows Media Player 12 and adding tracks to it.

1. Open Windows Media Player 12.
2. Use CTRL+1 to switch to the library mode.
3. Use CTRL+N to start a new playlist.
4. Name the playlist and press the enter key.
5. You can now start adding tracks to the playlist. You can add tracks from the various parts of your library or you can add tracks from Windows Explorer.

a. If you want to add tracks from the music part of your library then at the top of the list of library items use the down arrow key until you get to the music item. If you press the enter key on the music choice then all tracks in your music library will be listed. If you want to add tracks by artist use down arrow to the artists choice and press the enter key. Once you press enter on the music, artist or other choice, use tab key twice and you will find a list of songs, artists, or whatever you chose. If you chose "artists" then the name of the artist and a number of tracks available by that artist is given. Use the enter key on the name of the artist to open the list of tracks by that artist. Use Alt with left arrow to close that list and return to the list of artists. If you chose "music" then all tracks in your library are listed. You can use normal Windows selecting commands in this list. Hold down CTRL while pressing up or down arrow key to move between tracks and with CTRL kept down use spacebar to select or deselect. You can also hold down shift key and use up or down arrow keys to select or deselect contiguously. You can use CTRL+A to select all items in the list. JAWS doesn't always tell you that the selection happens even when it does. With items selected, use the application key or shift with function key 10 to bring up the right mouse click contextual menu. Use the down arrow key to "add to" submenu and use your right arrow key to enter it. Use the down arrow or up arrow key to find your playlist name and press your enter key. Don't press the enter key on the choice just labeled Playlist, but keep using the up or down arrow key to find your specific playlist to be used and then use the enter key. If you chose Artist and opened a list of tracks by the artist you can add those tracks similarly.

b. You can also switch to Windows Explorer and add tracks (for example from your music library or folder accessed from the Windows start menu). Start by going back to the playlists at the top of the listed items in the Windows Media Player library and find the playlist you have made. Press enter on it to show the list of tracks. Select items in Windows Explorer and then use shift+f10 or the application key to bring up the contextual menu. Use down arrow key and press enter key on the choice for adding to a Windows Media Player list. Move back into Windows Media Player. Your open playlist is two tabs after the list of library items. If you tab a few more times you will find the list of tracks you just added from Windows Explorer. Use normal selecting in that list, bring up the contextual menu by using application key or shift with f10, use up or down arrow keys to find the "add to" menu. Use right arrow key into the submenu and find your playlist name in the items. Press enter key on the playlist name and your items you selected from Windows Explorer will be added to your playlist. You may find that after adding items this way that they don't immediately show in the playlist. If you shift+tab back to the list of playlists in the library items list, press enter key on the word "Playlist" at the top of the list, arrow back down to the playlist you created and press enter, when you tab to the list of tracks they are then showing. It is as if the list is refreshed. You might need to use right arrow key to navigate in the list of tracks instead of up and down arrow keys.

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