These scripts simply enable the key press of control shift and M to minimize just about any application to the tray. However you must have power menu installed and in the tray first.

So you can just press control shift and m to minimize just about any app to the tray. I have found the scripts donít work with MS word. So you will need to change the keystroke.

After you install them do the following to configure the scripts.

Open the script manager by pressing insert +f2 then S followed by enter. Then open the default.jss file by pressing control +shift +D. Then press control home to go to the top of the file and type the following line in with quotes and all:

use "powermenu.jsb"

Press enter after the last Quote on the use "powermenu.jsb" line so it is on a separate line. Finally compile the jss file by pressing control s. now open your jaws shared settings folder and locate the default.jkm file and open it in notepad. Find the line "Windows+C=AppendSelectedTextToClipboard"and press home followed by enter and up arrow to your blank line. now type the line.


Now save the jkm file by pressing control s. Your scripts should work I hope the scripts come in useful. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email me at:
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