press insert 0 (on the number row).
press control shift D
You should hear jaws script manage default.jss.
Hit control+end this will take you to the bottom of the file.
Hit enter twice, to insert a couple of blank lines.
paste in the following lines for the script:

Script TogglePunctuation ()
Say (PunctuationToggle (false), ot_no_disable)

Place your cursor on the line that says Say (PunctuationToggle (false), ot_no_disable).
Hit control+d.
Hit tab this will put you on the "can be attached to key" check box, this should be checked, if it is not hit "space bar" to check it.
Hit tab this will take you to the "synopsis" where you can put in a short description if you want.
Tab to the "assign short cut key" field and press the keystroke you want to use for the script. Such as Control+Shift+P.
Tab to the okay button and enter. This will take you back to the script editor.
Press control+S to compile your changes.

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