Create this script within the script file for Internet Explorer. If you are using JAWS 5.0, the script file name is Internet Explorer 5-6.jss. For earlier versions of JAWS, the script file name is Browseui.jss. Your script should begin by passing the ctrl+d keystroke through to Internet Explorer. Before the script completes, JAWS should speak an informational message advising you that the page was successfully added to your list of favorites. After you have compiled the script, you can test the script by going to a web page that is not currently contained in your favorites list and press CTRL+D. After JAWS speaks the informational message, open the Favorites menu and look for the web page name. If you find the name of the web page or site, then you can confirm the action was successful.

Script Documentation:

  1. Script Name: AddFavorite

  2. Attach to Key: Checked

  3. Synopsis: Adds the current web page to your list of favorites.

  4. Description: Uses the Internet Explorer keystroke, ctrl+d, to add the current web page to your list of favorites. The keystroke is passed through to the application and then JAWS speaks an informational message.

  5. Category: Keyboard

  6. Assign To: CTRL+D

Script AddFavorite ()
TypeKey ("CTRL+D")
Say ("web page added to your favorites list", OT_Message)

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