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  1. Any Time Deluxe 7.1 Scripts Manual Install Version

  2. Note the above scripts do not require an entry in the ConfigNames.ini file. In fact if you have a ConfigNames.ini file from an earlier version of jaws it might just disable the scripts. The fix is comment out the line that refers to Anytime Deluxe with a semicolon.


  1. Gold wave scripts version 2.0 for versions 5.67 and higher

  2. JAWS Script For Audacity

  3. This is version 2.0 of the script with included documentation.
  4. MP3 Clip Scripts Download Link


  1. Auto Maximize is a function to maximize almost any window automatically

  2. Auto Maximize 2 is another function to maximize almost any window automatically

  3. The first function uses the symbols in the upper right hand corner if available. The second uses the menu bar.
  4. JAWS Talking Cuckoo Clock Scripts written by David Truong and Andrew hart

  5. JAWS Talking Cuckoo Clock Scripts written by David Truong and Andrew hart translated into Spanish

  6. Demo Script Mentioned In The Audio Tutorial On Modifying Scripts

  7. HJClip.zip Script Download Link

  8. Script that will Increment a numeric value in an INI file for testing purposes to trigger an event

  9. Temperature Conversion Scripts By Andrew Hart

  10. Time Zone Scripts By Andrew Hart

  11. Script that creates an interactive menu.

  12. Outlook Express JAWS Scripts

  13. For Windows 7 systems with Outlook Express installed
  14. Pass Key Through Script

  15. Punctuation Level Script

  16. Script to toggle the JAWS punctuation level with a hot key
  17. Redefining The PrintScreen Key To Act As A Windows Key

  18. Script That Will Tell You If The Currently Open Window Is Maximized Or Not With A Hot Key

  19. Startup Greeting Script That Says The Date & Time By Robert Justice

  20. Windows Mail Auto Maximise


  1. Script for monitoring your Drop Box status with a hot key

  2. End it all scripts

  3. Written by Ken A. Gould
  4. File Note script

  5. This script simulates the File Note utility
  6. FTP Explorer Scripts

  7. Password Generater Graphic Labels

  8. Power Menu Documentation And Download Link

  9. Tab Reader Script Documentation And Download Link