Weather Pulse can give current conditions, 10 day forecast, hourly forecast, detailed forecasts, and alerts. It can do this for multiple cities including global cities.

To make weather pulse version 2.0.5 accessible, you need to change some settings. You can find settings on the context menu of the system tray icon, or on the view menu in the main program window. You will have a settings treeview, and then you can tab to various options for each item.

You want to uncheck the following items:
Skins, enable skin support.
Desktop desklet, display weather desklet.
Wallpaper, use image for your windows wallpaper.
Enhanced Tray, enable enhanced tray tool tip.
Then enter on save.

An alternative to making the above changes yourself is to download the settings INI file using the link near the bottom of this document. Then replace your settings ini file with this one.

On my system it is at
C:\Documents and Settings\Debbie\Application Data\Weather Pulse
where Debbie would be your XP user name. Then restart your computer.

The first time you run weather pulse, press insert B and it will say that this is the first time you have run it, so to select a city. Press space on okay. If you tab you will have a place to type in a city or zip code and then select it from a list to add it. If you don't get this done correctly at this point, don't worry you can always change anything in the settings.

If You press insert f11, you will see an item with the current weather conditions. Enter on this to bring up a context menu. One of the items on the context menu is settings. Enter on restore window on the context menu to bring up the weather pulse window.

If you have installed the jaws scripts, press insert H for hotkey help.

Alt T will place you on the current conditions tab of the various tabs. The tabs are current conditions, 10 day forecast, hourly forecast, detailed forecasts, weather images and alerts.

Control tab and shift control tab between these choices and the information on the pages will be read to you automatically. If you wish to review the information, press alt W to be placed in the text of the weather report. The information is presented to you as it would be on a web page and you can read it with Jaws just as you do webpages.

Then press alt T to be placed back on the current conditions tab where you can control and control shift tab between the tabs again. Press f10 to minimize weather pulse back to the system tray without exiting the program.

settings.ini File Download Link
weatherpulse205Build31-setup.exe Download Link
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