Run the install program, PowerMenu.exe. Check the box to accept the license agreement and enter on next. On the next screen, you have the following items checked.

Create Desktop Icon
Create Program Group (Start Button Menu)
Automatically start program at login.

Uncheck anything you don't want then tab and enter on next. A summary of your installation options will come up. Enter on install and then enter on exit when the installation is complete.

Then run the program from the programs menu or from the desktop icon. The shortcut will be called "Shortcut to PowerMenu".

After PowerMenu is running in the system tray, if you press alt spacer bar in any program window, you can arrow down and enter on minimize to tray (or press Z) to minimize the current window to your system tray.

To restore a window:

Press insert f11 and find the window and press alt D for left double click, or Tab to the system tray icon and enter on the window name.

If you decide to uninstall the program be sure you have exited Powermenu from it's context menu in the system tray first. Then use the uninstall option on the PowerMenu submenu.

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