You will find the Talking Desktop Clock submenu under All Programs on the Start menu. You will notice that the submenu contains two options. Hitting Enter on Talking Desktop Clock launches the program itself, which runs in the backround as a process and thus has no window of its own. Hitting Enter on Talking Desktop Clock Options launches the user interface from where all settings can be accessed. Use the View menu to switch between the Speech, Chime and Clock interfaces. For all intents and purposes, the Clock interface is irrelevant, unless you still have some sight and want to select a clock style to display on your desktop. On the Speech interface, check all three time interval check boxes if you want the time announced at every quarter-hour interval. Check only the hour box if you just want the time announced at the top of every hour. Use the arrow keys to select the voice of your choice. Adjust the volume to your preference with the arrow keys. Note that the clock voice volume is independent of the system volume, so you can make it as loud or soft as you want without affecting the system volume. To hear the Starting and Ending Times, press Insert-Numpad 5. You can use the up and down arrow keys to change the hour and minute of the Starting and Ending times, but JAWS will not speak each press of the arrow keys; you must press Insert-Numpad 5 after each press of the arrow key to confirm the change, so be very careful. The starting and ending times can be used to specify the time during which you want to hear the time announcements. When you have finished adjusting the speech settings, Go to the View menu and select Chimes to bring up the Chimes interface. Arrow around the list of chime sounds to find one you like. As on the Speech interface, check all three time interval boxes if you want to hear the chime sound along with the time announcement at quarter-hour intervals. And set the Starting and Ending times as you did in the Speech interface. Note that on both the Speech and Chime interfaces, you can preview your selections so you can hear what they sound like. Once you have set up the program, you can close the interface with Alt-F4. Once the clock is running, it will announce the time at every quarter-hour interval, followed by the selected chime sound. Unlike APH Clock, it will not chime multiple times at the top of the hour. If you want to unload the program, go to the System menu of the interface and selectExit Talking Desktop Clock.

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