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Improve Computer Performance with BootMaster

Does your computer boot slowly? Or, does it run slowly while you're using it?

BootMaster.exe is a freeware program that helps you manage your Windows startup processes. One of the most common causes of sluggish computer performance is that end users have too many programs starting when they boot their computers.

Having too many startup programs can have some of the following bad effects:

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• Slows down computer startup
• Consumes system resources
• Conflicts with other programs
• Distracts and annoys the end user
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When Windows loads, it automatically launches startup programs for you. This can significantly decrease your computer's performance.

Insaneware Solutions is pleased to offer freeware that helps you improve your computer's performance. BootMaster is a free startup manager, The main features of this freeware program are:

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• Easy to use and learn
• Creates backups so changes can be undone
• Ability to delete autostart applications
• Start and stop autostart programs manually
• Access key utilities to "clean up" Windows in one convenient place
• Learn about startup programs with program properties and integrated web search
• View system information, running processes, environment variables
• Excellent troubleshooting tool
• 100% Guarantee - spyware, adware, virus-free download
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