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Golden Ear works like a radio

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New to podcasting? Golden Ear comes with dozens of podcast subscriptions to start you off. As you discover new ones you can easily add them to your list.

Golden Ear works like an ordinary radio. You can use dials to select podcasts and adjust listening volume.

There is no need to wait for downloads. With a click of your mouse you can listen to podcasts with your computer.

Have an iPod or any MP3 player? Golden Ear makes it easy to browse for, check out and download podcasts. You can save any of the podcasts you find so that you can take them with you while you walk, work or drive.

Golden Ear includes a collection of links to podcast directories. Podcast directories are websites with lists of podcasts that you can subscribe to. You can reach any of these websites with a click. Golden Ear's website directory collection is easily edited. As new podcast directory sites become available you can add them to your copy of Golden Ear.

Golden Ear needs Microsoft Windows Media Player, Version 7 or higher.

Golden Ear also requires that you have the Microsoft Dot Net runtime version 1.1 installed.

Please be aware that if you download and install Golden Ear you will be doing so at your own risk. The author disclaims any responsibility for damages incurred as a result of installing or using Golden Ear.

Installation requires only copying files to a folder. Golden Ear and its installation files do not mess with your registry. To uninstall Golden Ear you only need to delete the files.

Installation is simple. Just unzip into an empty folder. Read the 'readme_1st' file and then run the program.

The current release is Golden Ear (V1.0 - Build 97).

Your feedback is encouraged. Please send email to:

golden ear (V1.0 - Build 97) Download Link
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