If you get the Video Intercept error after reinstalling Jaws do the following:

1. Go to Freedom Scientifics website, find the FSVideoIntercept-32bit or 64bit.exe, which ever 1 is appropriate for your system. Download and save it somewhere on your harddrive that you will be able to access it easily. The direct download links for both 32bit and 64bit systems are below. Click on the version that your particular system needs.


2. Go to Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs, press enter, and wait for the programs list to populate / show up.
3. Arrow down to the Freedom Scientific Admin Tool , tab to remove, press the spacebar, and if asked if you want to remove its shared components say yes.
4. Now reboot the computer.
5. When the computer reboots and that Video Intercept error message appears, exit out of the message.
6. Now, go to where you saved the FSVideoIntercept-32bit or 64bit.exe, highlight it, and press enter to run it. After running the Video Intercept, reboot the computer if prompted to do so.

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