TextMonkey Lite

Install Text Monkey Lite and then press insert f11 and enter on text monkey lite. Arrow down and enter on Auto Clean to check the menu item. Now when you want to remove the greater than signs from and email, simply select the text and copy it to the clipboard. You will hear the text monkey notify you that it was cleaned. Now you can paste the text anywhere you want, text monkey will have removed the greater than signs and formatted the lines. If you want to format any text that has jagged uneven lines, simply bring up the text monkey system tray icon and enter on clean it. You can also enter on show to bring up the text monkey main window. There on the email tab, you will also find a clean it button. If you control tab to the extras tab, you will find four buttons. Uppercase, lowercase, indent, and unindent. Text Monkey will perform that action on any text in the clipboard. There is a pro version of Text Monkey which offers many more features.

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