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Check the health of your hard disk using SMART ( Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology ). Read the SMART settings from your hard drive.

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Date: December 02, 2005, 6:06:16pm
computer: 2.1 GHZ Pentium
operating system: Windows 98 SE
screen reader: Jaws 4.02
rating: 5

comments: Most modern hard drives contain what is called Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T). Disk Checkup by PassMark Software will allow you to look at the S.M.A.R.T data on your hard drives. S.M.A.R.T stores information such as the number of hours your drive has been powered on, error counts, temperature, spin-up time, etc. It keeps track of the worst values for these details and what the values are now. The lower the percentage values are, supposedly the closer to failure your hard drive is. The program will read both the raw value and the percentage value, as well as the worst reported percentage value and the percentage value the HD manufacturer considers to be a failure value, when the drive should be replaced. Actually percentage isn't a proper term here, since this value can range from 0 to 255 or so. This program has a built-in table of meanings for the attributes hard drives can report. There's no standard specification for S.M.A.R.T attributes, so on some drives the values may be incorrect. However in my experience most drives do follow a standard which lets this program work. Not all drives will report all attributes this program can understand. For example, some drives will report their temperature in Celcius but others won't. The program simply unzips into any directory, there's no install procedure. Just run the program, select your drive from the combo box, hit the "Get Info" button, tab over to the list box and down arrow through the different values to read the data. Hit Alt+F4 to exit. The program is completely accessible.

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