When you open the program you can use your tab key to move to a "convert to" combo box and pick the audio choice located near the top of the list. Use the tab key one time to move focus to the device presets combo box and press the letter M to select MP3. Tab again and you will find an edit box with the current path for output files. If you want a different path then use the tab one time and there will be an unlabeled button. Press spacebar on that button to browse to a different output folder. One tab after the unlabeled button for browsing to a different output folder is the add button. Press spacebar on the add button to get a dialog box for adding files. When the dialog box opens use tab one time and check to make sure files of type are set to all files. Browse to the folder with the WMA files. You can use regular Windows selection commands in the list of files to be converted. If files are in a contiguous order then use shift key as you use down arrow key to select them. If files are noncontiguous then hold down CTRL key and use spacebar to select or deselect the items to be included. If all your WMA files are in one folder by themselves then you can use CTRL+A to select them all. Tab to the open button and press enter key. You can then tab to the convert button and press spacebar. When conversion is finished you will be asked to press any key to continue. After you press a key to continue you can close the program and your converted files should be in the output folder you chose.

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