An easy to use program is the Jodix WMA to MP3 converter. When you first open the program you will be given a tip of the day so just tab to OK and press spacebar. You can then tab to the add files button and use spacebar. You can select files that you want included using regular Windows selecting commands. The only type showing will be WMA. Once selecting is done tab to the open button and use spacebar. Tab to the "next" button and use spacebar. In the next part of the wizard, some controls are not spoken but if you keep tabbing you will find the "next" button. You will then be in a part of the wizard for choosing other settings like bit rate, whether stereo or mono, etc. Tab to next and press enter key. The wizard will then show a few edit boxes that you can tab to but they are not read by JAWS. You can easily route JAWS cursor to PC cursor and read the line to find out what each edit box is and then put on PC cursor to type in the appropriate tag. Tab to the OK button and use spacebar. You will then be asked if you want to use the same settings for all the other files. This is referring to all the other selected files that you included to be converted. Press spacebar on the yes button. You can then tab and find a list box with all the selected files. Tab past the list box and you will find the start button. Use spacebar on the start button to start conversion. When conversion finishes you will be asked if you want to go to the output folder. Pressing spacebar will take you there. You can then close the converter.

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