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Hello and welcome to the JAWS Users list. This list has been created for The purpose of discussing all aspects of the JAWS for Windows screen reader Program.
So everything that pertains to JAWS in regards to working with a software package online web page or program is fair game. For example asking about what software packages work well with JAWS or how to make them work better with scripts, keyboard short cuts and so forth. Another example might be asking for help with the Bank of America web page, or a post asking if there is a software package that does a specific task and works well with JAWS.

No newsletters of any type pertaining to an online event, software package or hardware device should ever be posted to the list prior to receiving moderator approval.

Everybody should familiarize themselves with the content contained in the footer message that accompanies every message posted to the list.

Now this is a very important point in my opinion, asking the list for exact instructions every time is not a good thing to do for a major reason. It creates
a dependency situation even if you don't realize it does. The ideal place I am hoping the list will arrive at some day is that everybody no matter how
new they might happen to be with JAWS or computers will have the confidence to try things on their own, and yet feel if they get stuck the list will be there to help put them back on track.

Trust me when I say that help is quicker to arrive for somebody who is well known to ask for it last than first.

So try it yourself first whatever it is. If you get stuck then let the list know what you've done to try and resolve your current dilemma. Then I'm sure help will arrive with in short order.

The rules of conduct are quite simple and straightforward. Be polite and Patient with others. There will be absolutely no fighting, and no bashing of Freedom Scientific on here at all. If you have a problem with them then take it up with Freedom Scientific directly. Please try to keep subject lines relevant and descriptive as possible. Signatures and tag lines should not be more than a couple of sentences, three or four at the most. If you wish to include a tag line, don't make another message of it. Placing anything else in there simply increases the bandwidth required to handle the posted message and make it more work for a person who wishes to follow the given thread back to review previous messages, as they have to plow down past an overly long signature. Also please place your message above your signature line so as not to force people to read it before they get to your message. Attachments are removed before any message is sent to the list. This is done for your protection.

When contacting any of the list moderators privately please be descriptive in the subject line as to the purpose of the message. Also, if you have a question for the list that falls within the guidelines, then post it accordingly. Don't contact the management team with questions that are more appropriate for the list itself. Your question may or may not receive an answer for a number of reasons.

Occasionally there might be some difficulty with your email address and you may receive an email from the server asking you to reactivate your account. Please do not simply delete this message. Instead open it and follow the directions to reactivate your account. If you do not after receiving a number of such messages then the server will remove your email address automatically.

The discussion of anything illegal is absolutely forbidden, along with flirting or other such inappropriate activities. This is not a high tech swap shop or anything of that nature at all. This means that goods and or services will not be bought or sold using this forum. If you know a given subject is off topic then don't post it. Simply placing off topic in the subject line does not make it all right. Posting to a single address IE this list is the preferred acceptable practice as we do not allow cross posting. That is simply posting to more than one list or address in the same message. You can post the same message to multiple list, but not at the same time.

Now to the matter of replying to a posted message. The proper practice is to simply hit the reply command in your respective email client, IE control + R is used quite often in many programs.

The SUBJECT: field should be short and to the point without including any member names. Also please do not reply to a posted question simply to say you don't know the answer. All that does is create more traffic on an already very busy list for no reason at all. Lastly please no jokes, virus warnings, recipes, safety tips, or pleas to help dying kids, should ever be forwarded to the list.

Forwarded messages and attachments are not permitted. If you have an article or message you feel relates to the Nature of this list send it to the list owner and if it is appropriate, it will be posted to the list. Additionally if you want to make an announcement about another list send it to the list owner for consideration. Do not post it to the list before obtaining approval.

No auto responders are to be used on this list! Those who use auto responders for vacations and so forth must make sure that this list is not included. Any person who sends an auto response message will be removed!

My hope is that this list will always be a place where everybody no matter what their particular skill level can feel safe to ask any question at all within the guidelines that I have set forth. It is my experience that such rules of conduct are important to keep good people on the list.

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