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The use of a spell checker is strongly encouraged. People will not be able to understand you if your typing is sloppy.

Here is a link to a help file to un-bounce your account

Email Section:

Below are all the group.io list commands you'll need. jaws-users-list@groups.io To post to this group. definition list of 10 items jaws-users-list+subscribe@groups.io To join this group jaws-users-list+unsubscribe@groups.io To unsubscribe from this group jaws-users-list+help@groups.io To receive an email containing a list of these commands jaws-users-list+digest@groups.io To receive plain digests instead of individual messages jaws-users-list+fulldigest@groups.io To receive full featured digests instead of individual messages jaws-users-list+summary@groups.io To receive a daily summary instead of individual messages jaws-users-list+single@groups.io To receive individual messages instead of digests or a summary jaws-users-list+special@groups.io To only receive special messages jaws-users-list+nomail@groups.io To stop receiving messages via email (you may still read messages on the Web) jaws-users-list+owner@groups.io To contact the owners of this group


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